Pillow Talk

Sex has always been a taboo conversation for people - especially discussing sex whilst menstruating. Over the last 40 years, there has been an incredible change in attitude towards women’s sexuality. It is being praised and admired more and more. This encouraging change allows others to see that they are not alone in their sexual desires or interests. However, many remain uncomfortable discussing anything period sex related.

According to an article written by Bodyform, only 36% of those surveyed say they would have sex if they were on their period. The article explains that there are many benefits to period sex and implies that it is actually “Bloody Good Fun”. 

Over on our Instagram (@theperiodtalks), we asked for your opinions via a poll. ‘Yay’ or ‘nay’ to period sex? 63% voted ‘yay’, meaning 37% voted ‘nay’. We love to see you all embracing your preferences, whichever you prefer!

Many of you sent in misconceptions and concerns about period sex… let’s talk!

  • “It’s disgusting and off putting for the partner I’m with.” Periods are natural and something we have to deal with every month. Yes, they involve blood but they are not disgusting and shouldn’t be labelled as such! If a discussion hasn’t already taken place, we encourage an honest chat with partners to understand their thoughts!

  • “That it is more painful!” Your period often acts as a natural lubricant and can actually help to ease pain and in some cases, heighten feelings down there! Everyone is different but if you feel this is something you want to try with a sexual partner and you are comfortable then go for it- you won’t know unless you try!

  • “Messy (White Sheets)!” This definitely depends on how heavy your flow is. If this is an obstacle you want to overcome, there are ways around it. Maybe try laying down a dark towel or using alternative bed sheets… we all have fake tan sheets, why not have period sheets too!?

  • “From the third day it doesn’t bother me! I just feel really fat and ugly on day one and two.” We can relate! Everyone has those periods where they feel worn out, heavy and just not like themselves- and who wants to have sex feeling like this? As much as this blog is about supporting the idea of period sex, remember it is okay to have a few days off, especially if you’re not feeling your usual fabulous self!

Of course it is entirely down to the preference of those involved but what we hope to have shared is that it isn’t something to be shy or embarrassed about. Own it and enjoy it! Through making conversations like this normal, we can help to change the attitudes and understanding people have towards periods and sex.

As this blog has been entirely dedicated to sex we thought it would be appropriate to note here that we encourage safe sex. Contraception is so readily available to us now and we can’t stress enough the importance of using it. If you think you are not being safe then contact your doctor for more advice or visit your local sexual health clinic. We have linked below some useful websites: